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Skiing for skinflints: Can a SsangYong match a Range Rover on a winter getaway?Yahoo UK Motoring

If you’ve ever driven around the south-eastern corner of France in January, February and maybe March, you’ll probably have seen hordes of UK-registered Range Rovers swanning about at 20mph over the speed limit… (more…)

Ice and easy – Volvo’s new soft-roader slip-slidin’ away
Eastern Daily Press

The digital needle on my speedometer is reading three figures, trees are flashing past and white rooster tails fly up behind me, coating the tailgate in a fur of icy shards. I’m going so fast that the runway beneath the chunky winter tyres is cracking under the strain… (more…)

Navara in the Sahara
CarDealer Magazine/Yahoo UK Motoring

Deep in my psyche lies a special and very intense kind of hatred. Normally it’s reserved for really bad things – the M25, football referees, Christmas in November – that kind of thing. This morning, however, it’s aimed squarely at an exceptionally irritating noise… (more…)


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